27+ Love dp images for whatsapp

Want some clean looking, no quotes images for your WhatsApp dp? Yes, you are in the correct place to find the best. Here are the best Love, Hearts meaning images. You can easily download any of these and post as your WhatsApp dp.

Basically you can express your feeling or current mood with a simple dp image. Here on our website, our priority is to serve what you are looking for. So we make 2 identical posts with the same images and you will be able to serf them easily.

If you feel loved just try one of these images to express your mood.

Do you want lovely good night images?

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Lovely images

1)Sunflowers. My favorite flower. Clean and clear heart-shaped sunflowers in a block of old wood. Good enough to be your dp for a whole week.

Whatsapp dp flowers heart

2)sky, heart-shaped formed clouds in a clear blue field, very deep sky. Just like your heart clear and open but so deep that a person couldn’t saw easily. Only a person with a god heart can see how deep your heart is. So many things hidden in this area and never will be exposed.

clear sky heart image

3)Closer image of a neckless. Perfect colour matching. pink colour flower closer image. If you love flowers. This would be better matched for you now.

closer image of a love neckless

4)Lovely white hearts in a red background. This image represents you and your partner’s togetherness. It would be so beautiful you and your partner both use this image as WhatsApp dp . Just share image ink to him/her.

heats image

5) Heart shape made by a couple with their hands. Like the previous image, this would express togetherness of yours. Why this image. You also can try to capture an image like this image.

whatsapp dp couple image

6) Letter by a letter written wooden blocks with a heart block attached.

LOVE image wooden

7)Still, want to express your love to him/her?. Rock carving looking, natural heart explaining your love.

I know what you thinking is. What a great present to give on valentines day. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find exactly this kind of present. But instead, I could find this. This is not an affiliate link and i don’t receive any commission. Posted this link just to help you.

So much more

i love you rock textured heart image

8) Oh, you also can try to capture an image like this. A heart-shape curved book pages.

heart shaped pages image

9) Who remembers the cats & dogs cartoon. represent their love clearly in the image. How could they be friends? That’s love.

cat and dog image

10) heart-shaped hands image with sunset background. Perfectly matched to your Whatsapp dp. a Love dp for WhatsApp. Don’t care about anything just download and make as your WhatsApp dp.

11) Aww Aww, How can you move to another picture when this image caught your mind as well as heat. Nice scenery with nothing around it. Just a heart tree in the image. If you are a girl you would probably love this.

love dp image

12) A Regular couple image. Nothing more to say about it. 🙂

13) Tik Tok toe. No, no that’s not tik tok. hahahaha. The subject of the image is only the center image. Crop the image when you updating your WhatsApp dp with this image.

14) Cool looking Coffee image for a loved one. Hey, try to make such a coffee yourself. you can try a coffee cup here. These are not any affiliate links. Just to help you. And to make the coffee click here.

15) A rose flower. It will perfectly fit your WhatsApp dp. It will look the same as you see it here. You would probably love this if you are a girl. Which boy posts rose flowers.Hah?

16) OH ho, Lovely heart image drew with pastels. If you are an artist why don’t give a try to capture an image?. If you drew an image like this. send it to us.

17) again a book. Black and white.

black and white heart image

18)Love tattoos?try a tattoo you both. Like this image. tattoo an anchor in both of your hands.

19) heart-shaped love dp . That also matches your WhatsApp status

wooden textured heart images

Love your parents.

Hey hey, post this image as your dp if you love your father. What an easy way to express your love? Try it today.

father and son love image
candles love heart shaped dp

22) My favorite image. I probably think that this also would be your loved image. Cute looking two fingers. <3

two fingers image
i cant remember the name
love dp balloons
metalic 2 hearts imae
lightning candle image
heart strawberry image


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